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Booth Ideas For The Next School Carnival

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Carnivals are fun packed events that children and adults enjoy. It’s an event filled with fun rides, games, treats and winning prizes. On the other hand, children enjoy carnivals that are organized in their schools. The school announces that they will be having the annual school carnival in two months. Therefore, all classes should come up with stalls to set up at this event. To add more spice to it, the principal announces that the best three stalls will be awarded prizes. This really motivates you and your friends to think out of the box to set up the best stall. It’s not going to be an easy task to plan and organize a booth.

There are so many creative and unique ideas to choose for wedding photo booth from. What is your class planning to do this year’s event? If you’re stuck with ideas for a great carnival booth, these suggestions might be helpful. These suggestions would help you come up with better ideas to try out:

Games Stall

There’s no stopping with the imagination for creating fun and exciting game stalls for the school carnival. You could come up with games and use props such as balloons, plastic bottles, balls and many more. To make it extra enjoying, you could give gifts such as stationery, chocolates as prizes.

Personalize photo booths

Have an exciting time with a photo booth at the school carnival. You could get help from the teacher to organize the essential items such as lights, camera, printer, etc. Here’s what you could do:

  • Organize some decorations for the booth
  • Design some props such as funny glasses, crowns, etc.
  • Draw up a funky posters for the backdrop

Face painting stall

Children love having cartoon figures, flowers, animals, etc. painted on their faces. To make it extra special, you could have a face-painting stall. You would have to buy face paint to get the job done. Divide the colours among friends and collect it before the event. It would be a good choice if there’s going to be a photo booth at the carnival.

Food and juice stall

What’s more interesting that a yummy food and tasty juice stall at the event. If there are classmates good at baking, you could lend help in hand and make sweets. On the other, you could organize some fresh juices as well. 

There are so many other ideas for you to work out on. These suggestions are a starter, if you’re confused about, which idea is the best. You could use stationery, decorations and many more to set up a stall. Use your imagination, think out of the box and make a prize-winning booth for friends to have fun with.

Booth Ideas For The Next School Carnival
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